Holland MI Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

Our auto repair and maintenance services include oil changes, electrical repairs, battery replacements, brake service and more. Call 269-751-7001!

Auto Repairs

Are you looking for a trusted auto repair shop in the Allegan and Holland area? Get back behind the wheel fast when you call our experts at M-40 Auto Repair. Without your vehicle, it can be hard to keep up with your day-to-day responsibilities. Our experienced auto mechanics are dedicated to providing accurate computer diagnostics and repairs to get you back on the road in no time.

  • Electrical repairs
  • Fuel injection
  • Engine repairs
  • Exhaust repairs
  • Radiators
  • Mufflers
  • Suspension work
  • Shocks & struts
  • Rebuilt & replacement parts
  • Starters
  • Steering system repairs
  • Transmission work
  • Battery replacement

Preventative Maintenance

At M-40 Auto Repair, we have been serving Holland, MI and surrounding areas with a range of vehicle maintenance services for over 28 years. Uncover problems early on with routine auto maintenance. A routine inspection can save you from dealing with more extensive repairs in the future. Stay on top of minor issues that can be addressed right away or even prevented.

Under Hood Auto RepairYou can also prevent serious problems by taking simple steps to maintain your vehicle's good condition. An oil change, tire rotation or fluid check can make a big difference in the way your vehicle runs. Let us help you keep your vehicle in good health.

  • Oil Change
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Tune Ups
  • Tire Rotation
  • Lube

Suspension Repairs

Do you need suspension repair? There are some signs of a problem with the suspension or struts. If you have noticed bouncing when driving down the road, the car wanders, or the steering wheel is crooked, there is noise when you go over bumps in the road, or your tires are not wearing evenly, there may be a problem with the suspension or struts.

If your suspension is action up, bring it to M-40 Auto Repair. We are highly qualified suspension experts & will be sure we get your suspension repaired in a timely & affordable matter so you can get back on the road, feeling safe.

  • Shock absorbers & struts for front-end or rear-end suspension
  • Ball joints
  • Wheel bearings

Car Repair Technician

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Trying to get from point A to point B on a hot day with no A/C during a Holland, MI summer day can be miserable. Don’t suffer through the heat anymore! Bring your car or truck to M-40 Auto Repair where we can check, refill and if necessary, repair your vehicle’s air conditioning system. If you are tired of refilling your car's A/C coolant, call us at 269-751-7001.

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Refrigerant replacement
  • Leak repair
  • Cooling system repair
  • Anti-freeze leak repair & replacement
  • Radiator flushes & repairs
  • Fan replacement
  • Hose replacement

Brake Repair

One of the simplest, yet often overlooked, vital components needed when driving a safe car are the brakes. Poor brakes can easily cause an accident and unnecessary anxiety and stress from the fear and worry. Do yourself a favor and save money on extra costly repairs by having your brakes inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Our affordable brake services include:

Automotive Brake Service

  • Brake Inspection, Service & Replacement
  • ABS
  • Antilock brakes
  • Power assisted brakes
  • Brake & brake rotor repair & replacement
  • Brake Pad Inspection
  • Disc Brake Replacement
  • Drum brake repair & replacement
  • Master cylinder repair & replacement
  • Brake fluid service & bleeding
  • Parking brake repair & replacement
  • Brake inspection